Do you also have an endless passion for art, then become part of this wonderful art-project!

 Who am I

I’d love to introduce myself: Marco van Trigt, impassioned artist and industrial designer.
In 2005 I was invited to take part with a group of artists in a major art manifestation in Gorinchem.
I made a very special work in the former Gymnasium Camphusianum.
This was made possible by Middelkoop Construction company.
Thanks to this collaboration I was able to create something that became bigger than me.
This work named ‘Window’ in the old Gymnasium became monumental and started to live its own life.
It was seen and admired by many.
At a young age I developed a passion for the artist life which grew and grew,
In making art I can develop myself, I love these processes and the materials I use to create a work with.
I’m following my hart witch is exiting but enables me to grow.

My dream

I’ve had this dream for a long time. I would love to create a big work with the people around me who believe in the power of art and in me as an artist.
The idea is that the scale and composition of the work is made possible by the people who participate.
The end result will be determined by the number of people who take part in this manifestation.
Based on leftover pieces of hardwood I’m going to make pawns that show the true beauty of the wood.
The different heights are based on the lengths of the wood.
The form of the pawns finds there origin in the tradition of the ‘Gorcumse school’ and are abstract geometric.